Call3D is your key partner for developing and optimizing big and small handling systems for Airports and Logistics.

Enriched by a prolonged experience acquired in the major international airports, Call3D consultancy can provide you with valuable know-how and creativity from the feasibility study definition to the final project implementation, offering a distinctive partnership in the concepting and designing phases of highly performing systems.

Specialized in customized and added value solutions, Call3D is able to speed up and radically innovate processes, with a related efficiency increase in saving time and enhancing the system functionality.
November 2011 – London – Call3D moves its headquarters to London to be more close to the airports under study.

March 2009 - London - As a recognition of the big contribution provided during the first project phase, Call3D has been awarded the continuation of its consultancy for the new Heathrow Terminal B.H.S. project development.

August 2008 - London - Call3D is committed by Heathrow Airport to participate in the study of the new Terminal project development for a Baggage Handling System able to manage a 30 million/per year passengers’ traffic.

July 2008 - Milan - Call3D is founded by Jérôme Guernier, after 17 years experience gathered in cooperation with sector leader Companies within many important international Airports worldwide.
2009 Call3D - Consulting for Airports & Logistics - Layout 3D Ltd
credits: inITcom