Call3D core business is Consultancy and Project design & development of airports' Baggage Handling Systems (B.H.S.), i.e. handling automated systems and security controls of hold baggages.

Call3D major strength is its global vision and deep knowledge of Baggage Handling Systems processes and technologies, as they are in place in the most important international airports worldwide. Thanks to technical competence, technological expertise and project management capabilities, Call3D is able to independently design or co-design with customers all the processes and to offer proper solutions to even complex and articulated needs.
This wide experience makes Call3D a unique Partner in guaranteeing high level contribution in terms of creativity, performance, innovation and security.

Call3D exclusive way of working in the project desing phase enables having the certainty of the pre-optimization of the whole process.
In the development project phase, Call3D has the special ability to consider and figure out any possibility and to adapt the system in order to: a) face any unpredictable problem b) change settings while the work is in progress c) reach the expected performance level and quality.

Offering a multilanguage service and an international mobility, Call3D guarantees on-site support and project leading. Working side by side with engineers, architects and the whole team involved, Call3D can direct and control the work flow in every single detail, in order to reach the performance level target and to fulfill all expected goals.
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